Hello and welcome to Fitness by Chelsea!

Really, the name should be life by Chelsea {that was taken at the time, and my grip on fitness has loosened a little bit while I grasp onto God}. The site has everything I love and am trying in it, hopefully sparing you the time of making the same mistakes I have.

I am mildly obsessed with dogs {especially my dogs}. Trying to heal my awful physical pain and ailments through eating paleo. I love yoga {trying to do do cool poses but failing}, fitness, being outside and hiking or camping with my family. and LOVE my farm home, anything rustic and my goofy chickens. My posts have all this stuff jammed in them, along with some yummy paleo recipes, and tips to help you adopt the lifestyle and how it will give you a pain free, healthy body {who doesn’t want that?}!

I hope you can use my site to break free of your fears, pain, extra weight, doubts and fully grasping the life that God has set out for you {while cracking a smile at my expense of my mistakes in the process}. Food can heal your body and restore your health. You can break out of your current circumstances and become that healthy individual you want to be.

Please feel free to comment on posts, send me emails and tell me your thoughts about how the site can help you {that’s what the site is for; for YOU to find something useful and help you in daily life}.