Are your Skincare and Cosmetics Harming or Helping your Overall Health?


I’m always learning about how food and fitness impact our health but in 2018 I’ve started researching cosmetic and beauty products ingredients.


**** If you want to skip and go straight to safer skin care click here
I really never thought about what is in these products but have found some nasty things.
Some ingredients are carcinogens, allergens, hormone disruptors, lead to infertility and developmental toxicity.
Products can also contain heavy metals, BPA, PVC, preservatives and contaminated plastics.

The U.S. doesn’t require health studies or pre-market testing of the chemicals in personal care products.


The skin care and cosmetic industry is virtually unregulated in the U.S.

While the European Union has banned or restricted at least 1,400 of these ingredients. vs. 11 in the U.S.

With all this in mind, I started looking at the products I have in my house and their ingredients.

I recommend reading the ingredients list on each product but a more convenient way is to use Environmental Working Groups website :

To type in the products you’re using or search other products.
They also have an app with a barcode scanner!

It is free and called “Healthy Living”

Screenshot_20180507-164159_Healthy Living
While not every product is in their data base you can see old products or formulations or see similar products.

The website or app gives an overall rating for each product 1-10( 1 the healthiest).

And a category score of allergens, carcinogens, developmental toxicity, overall hazards and use hazards.

Screenshot of app view:

Screenshot_20180507-164507_Healthy Living

Product ingredients are listed out and explained with their individual score ratings.

More information about how to use the site and about the scoring can be found at:

Screenshot of website view:


If you’re interested in safer skin care, start here

These are the products I use and love how they are safe AND high performing.

I personally want the best skin and reproductive health I can and am happy I am no longer putting harmful ingredients on my body everyday.



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