How to Drink More Water

Hey guys! I wanted to throw you some tips this Tuesday on how to get more water. I often hear that people do not like to just sit and sip on water, or do not like the taste, so they have a hard time drinking all the necessary water for their bodies!

Our bodies need water to function properly and get rid of toxins in our body. Water also helps with bloating and weight loss.

If you have been feeling extra snack-y lately or have been chronically fatigued, you  might not be getting enough water!

There area all kinds of tips out there like set a reminder on your phone, count your cups, use an app, etc. I don’t now about you, but those cliché tips never actually help me. I wanted to share with you the things that have  helped me increase my water intake, and hopefully they will help you too!

Tips to drink more water:

  • Invest in a travel mug that keeps your water cool. This is the most important tip and has helped me the most. Choose a mug that suits your needs! For example, if you have small kids you may need a mug that has a handle and a straw so you can easily grab the mug and get a sip, maybe you have a desk job where you can bring a larger mug that is 30 ounces, or maybe you don’t enjoy cold water, so  a simple stainless steel canteen is good for you. Think about what makes it easier for you to drink water, and how you can increase your chances of drinking it. I personally use a 30 ounce YETI mug with a handle and a straw so that I can quickly grab it and have cold water that I do not have to fill up  often (about 3 times a day).
  • Add Flavor. This could be a slice lemon, fruit or edible flowers. There are even specific water bottles that have a fruit infuser that will keep fruit from clogging your straw.
  • Start Slow. Set small goals and slowly increase your water intake. If you are currently drinking 1-2 cups of water a day increase it to 3, if you are drinking 4-5 increase it to 7. Slow and consistent progress leads to lasting lifelong habits. Drinking water needs to become part of your lifestyle, something you DO everyday. Creating a habit means that drinking water will just come naturally for you and your body will crave the increased water intake.
  • Take water with you everywhere. This includes when your driving, at work, working out, at the office and at home. Always have a cup, glass or mug filled with water so when you see it you can grab a drink, or when you are out and about and start to get dehydrated, you have water with you.

Happy Sipping!


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