What I Ate in a Day

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!! This week has been really long for me, and I cannot wait to get back into regular daily posting.

I hope you can get some neat ideas for your own meal plan, using my recipes or what I ate in a day.

I also did a total body workout and walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. Stay active guys and drink your water!!

You got this!


Aip “Coffee” Dandelion root tea, black tea, collagen, carob powder, cinnamon, ginger, coconut milk and a little maple syrup.


Breakfast: Grass fed ground beef, sweet potato and red kale.


Lots of water, I filled up my 30 ounce cup 3 times.


Lunch: AIP Ham calzone with leftover ham from eatser


Dinner: Hamburger soup, with sweet potato fries, I devoured them before taking a picture!



I also had a handful of blueberries that I forgot to take a picture of!


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