Daily Water Intake

A really common question I hear a lot is, “How much water should I drink daily?”

As a coach, whenever I ask “How is your water intake?”

I get side looks, blank stares into the distance followed by ummm, hmmmm, well…. it’s not that good, or it’s not where it should be, or I should be drinking more.

Very rarely does someone say to me, it’s great, I drink water all the time,

and when they do, I am often skeptical of their answer and ask them how many ounces, glasses, or cups and find out, that their intake is not enough.

So how much is enough?

The minimum daily water intake we should be getting is half our body weight in ounces.

120 lbs /2 = 60 ounces Minimum

We should be drinking upwards of 100 ounces -120 ounces, depending on your weight, activity level etc.

If you’re doing intense workouts or sweating a lot, you’ll need more water.

I know what you’re thinking!

If I drink that much, I will be in the bathroom all day!

I am not suggesting you jump from 30 ounces of water a day to 100, that is unhealthy and impractical. 

Gradually building up water intake is best for your body. As you gradually increase the ounces you consume daily, your body will become accustomed to what you are drinking, and you will not be in the bathroom all day.

  • If you are currently drinking 30 ounces a day, bump it up to 50 ounces.
  • If you are drinking 50 ounces daily, bump it up to 70-80 ounces
  • If you are at 80 ounces, bump it up to 100

The key is gradual, slow progress. This creates a habit, but more importantly, your body gets used to the increased water intake that it needs, and you will find your self enjoying water and the health benefits of drinking more.

If you are eating a paleo diet, water is your go to! Count how many ounces your drinking daily in a week period and start from there.

Thinking about adding lemon to your water?

Awesome! There are tons of health benefits to drinking lemon water, check them out here:






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