Rock Climbing Workout




Think about the last time you exercised. Were you in a gym? Were you lifting weights? Were you on a piece of fitness equipment or following a workout from your phone or T.V? Or maybe you don’t workout at all?
The last time I exercised was 25 feet up in the air, rock climbing with one of my sports performance and fitness courses.
In this post we’ll be covering about Planet Rock, the facility and its relevance
I hope that by learning more about Planet Rock, we will be inspired to try new fitness activities and get out of our comfort zone.


From Planet Rock’s 2018 about page on their website, they are an indoor rock climbing facility with 25,000 square foot climbing space. Walls up to heights of 50′, routes up to 70′ long. They have showers, fitness equipment, climbing areas. Their locations are Ann Arbor and Madison Heights.

They offer many classes. The class I took was the Starter package lesson, Summarized on Planet Rock’s first time climbers 2018 article, the hour-long class includes climbing safety, knot tying, and how to hold the ropes. They also have intro 101 course and other specialty courses. Safety is included in all classes. They test skills before climbing and instructors provide tips and answer questions.Learning to rock climb is easy and is a great workout that uses the whole body.

28377596_10215940404487481_3796429151139007786_nWhether you have a Planet Rock near you, or another rock climbing gym near you, it is a great workout. The Daily Burn, leading fitness and exercise website, posted an article in 2013 that states rock climbing can burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories per hour. They state that arms, back, chest, shoulders, fingers/hands and core are targeted.

When is the last time you tried something new? We all need to get out of our comfort zone.Time, News coverage, recently summarized in their February 2018 article. “Climbing walls come in many grades of difficulty. With the right harnesses and gear, almost anyone can get started”. Trying new things can lead to increased self-esteem and transfer to many life lessons, beyond fitness.

I want to end with this quote by REI, the outdoor specialists in their 2018 indoor climbing article “Your goal is not to reach the top of a route; your goal is to overcome challenges and to enjoy each success as you progress”.






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