Quick Grocery Haul


Hello! I wanted to share with you some staple items that I got on my last grocery trip. I bought everything on sale and the veggies are things I regularly pick up. I hope this helps you form your own grocery list!

  1. Get the sale paper or go online to see discounts. I bought a roast that was on sale AND the store had a deal that I got a free bag of onions and carrots.
  2. Pick out meats that are on sale that will be the base of your meals!
  3. Then pick on sale veggies and fruits to match the meats.
  • Avocado- for salad and guacamole
  • Broccoli- side dish
  • Pineapple- Breakfast, snack, treat, pineapple chicken
  • Sweet potatoes- Sides, breakfast, lunch etc.
  • Mushrooms- for breakfast, on top of meats and in recipes
  • Lettuce- for salads and wraps
  • Onion and carrot- veggies in dishes for breakfast or dinner
  • Meats: Chicken, roast, ground beef, ground pork, stew meat and another roast

Eating healthy is more expensive because the grocery stores lose money when perishable items go bad, they cant rotate boxes on the shelf like they can with processed food.

I also bought water, conditioner, bar soap, q tips and something else I’m forgetting:

Total $82

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