Food and Workout of the day

What I ate today and my workout

I had class and work, so I ate on the go!


Hope this gives you some ideas, motivation or help with planning!




Eggs, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes with butter

Yes I know this is a lot of potatoes, but they were leftovers and had to get eaten


On the go sausage


Paleo stuffing leftover

-butternut squash, dried cranberries, onion, celery, pork sausage, and apples.


Salad with banana peppers and Parmesan


Workout of the day (W.O.D)

  • Body weight squats 10
  • Clean 10
  • Kettlebell swings 10

Repeat 3 x

  • Pull ups to fatigue
  • Ball toss to fatigue
  • Push ups 10

Repeat 3 x

Stretch and foam roll



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