Fighting off Temptation and Cravings


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We’ve all been under temptation before, whether its to eat food we know we shouldn’t, stay in bed when we wanted to exercise, or hold our tongue when someone hurts us. Whenever we want to change our habits or behaviors for the better, temptation and cravings come along for the ride. Giving into temptations/cravings is the quickest way to get off your healthy lifestyle.

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The best way to fight off cravings and temptations is to plan before hand. When I was first starting to eliminate some things out of my diet, and start exercising I had tons of cravings and many temptations to not exercise. What helped me keep going was:

  1. Identify possible temptations (foods, behaviors, habits, situations [being tired, not meal planning], times of day).
  2. Make a decision before hand.
  3. Write down your why for your decision .
  4. Pray for success and deliverance.
  5. Read God’s word and find promises that relate to your situation.
  6. Memorize promises.
  7. When temptations and cravings come, look back at the decision you made and the consequences that could happen if you choose otherwise.
  8. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and ask for forgiveness, then revisit your promises.


*Originally I had stopped at number 7, but after many failures, number 8 was added. Give yourself grace and remember that having a healthy lifestyle is a journey. Life isn’t perfect and neither are you, but you CAN look to the one who is, and count on him to help you and give you strength when you are working toward his will.

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For God is working in you, giving you the desire and power to do what pleases him.

Phil 2:13

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