Should I Use a Calorie Counter App or Food Journal?

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In short – it’s really your personal preference. Do what works for you and makes you happy. If recording daily stresses you out, then stick to whole foods, eat until satisfied and drink lots of water. If recording your daily food gives you peace of mind then record!

Try both ways and see what works for you. You may even find that once you learn what calorie and macronutrient contents of regular foods you eat are, you want to stop keeping a log or you may use the log for a season, stop and come back to it.

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Sticking to whole real food and lean meats is the best way to make sure that your body is getting what it needs and promote weight loss.

If you choose to record your daily food don’t get obsessed with making sure that every single macro- and micronutrient is perfect. This will just stress you out and make you want to give up. Have grace with yourself and allow time to learn and make mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect, and life happens. Enjoy your treat and keep going.

If you fall off from eating healthy and exercising, get right back up again and keep going, keep logging.

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Put in the effort (time and work of exercise and healthy eating) but surrender the results to God.

Don’t worry too much about the numbers (in your food log or on the scale) and keep in mind that a gradual weight loss of 1-3 lbs. per week is ideal. Any weight loss over 3 lbs. per week tends to involve loss of water (water that the body was forced to excrete when it relies on the body’s protein and fat for energy, when severe calories restriction occurs). When regular eating resumes, and the body uses carbohydrates as its main fuel source, the lost water and the lost pounds are regained (this is what tends to happen on low carbohydrate diets). The typical body is very happy burning 2 lbs. of fat per week.

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Myfitnesspal is a great food log app that is very easy to use. You could also hand write your daily food, or just keep a note in your phone. Do what works for you and be flexible.

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Keep smiling and stay focused!

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