Intro to Calories and Metabolism

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If you are new to health and fitness or just need a quick reminder I’ve broken down the fundamental pieces of nutrition to help you crush your weight loss goals!

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Some basic facts about calories:

  • Calories represent the amount of energy in the foods we eat and drink.
  • Calories are not partial to certain types of foods.

A calorie from a carrot is the same as a calorie from a doughnut (although the carrot is much healthier, of course!).

  • Different types of foods are automatically higher in calories.

Take 1 gram each of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. The grams of protein and carbohydrate each contain 4 calories, while the gram of fat has 9, that’s more than double the calories gram per gram.

  • One pound of fat = 3,500 calories.
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What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the chemical and physiological process in the body that provides energy for the maintenance of life.


The things going on inside your body that keep you alive. Converting food to energy!

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These actions are under the control of genes (genetics), hormones (including stress and adrenaline) and energy state (if you’re exercising or sleeping).

Metabolism is the building up and breaking down of essential components in the body which provide energy for our existence.

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