Battling Fatigue


Fighting fatigue can be a strenuous uphill battle. I’ve struggled with seasons of fatigue and have put together some tips that have helped me manage it. I hope some of these tips help you! Keep fighting fatigue and don’t give up, you can live a healthy, energized life!

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Waste less time doing or thinking about, things you don’t need to do right now!

This can be searching social media, scrolling through, looking up products and questions, unnecessary planning for things 25 weeks away etc.

The time and energy you have today, is for today, not to worry about things next week.

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Get moving!

Go for a walk, clean or dance to get your heart rate up and blood flow moving! Even if you are too tired to do this, shoot for 5 minutes at least.

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Get some sun

You can exercise outside also. Just simply taking a few moments to sit in the sun increases energy and mood.

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Drink water

this one is always on the list but drinking water helps; so does eating fruit or food with high water content.

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Try not to fall asleep within 4 hours of waking up in the morning

Doing so, makes it harder to sleep the next night and puts you in a cycle of sleepless nights and tired days.


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