Love Runs 2017

Hello all! My husband and I,  are running in the Detroit FREEP marathon this October for the first time with Love Runs and Ridge Runners at our church. Brendon the half marathon (13.1) and myself the 5K.

Why are we running? Not simply to achieve a bucket list goal but because we are raising money for Love Runs which is determined to stop human trafficking and make a difference in modern-day slavery.

Every 30 seconds Human Trafficking claims a new victim. Children of all ages and backgrounds, including some of the most affluent, are being hijacked into a living hell of physical, sexual and emotional exploitation and torture…all around us. The average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old and only 1-2% get saved.

Poverty and lack of basic necessities place so many in the Detroit area at risk for trafficking as well. Add to that a legion of children from broken homes, or those who are abused and neglected, and Michigan’s proximity to strategic borders and transportation routes, and it all adds up to a modern-day epidemic of slavery.

Over the last two years, Love Runs has raised about $700K; around 80-90% of which is spent locally, here in the Detroit area. This year, we’re trying to get to over $1M. Last year, Love Runs raised over $330,000! Those funds were distributed locally to our partners – Vista Maria, AWOL, Salvation Army, SOAP, and Fort Street Open Door Ministry- to aid in the housing, restoration, and recovery of these victims.

We are also trying to raise $2,880 for Love Runs. Why $2,880? There are 1,440 minutes in every day. This is the number of minutes in a day each victim is enslaved, and the same number of minutes we are free. We are trying to raise $1,440 for both of us. YOUR DONATION will mean everything to us and the victims we aim to help. Every time we see a donation it motivates us to train harder. Every dollar you donate will help raise awareness and help a victim in need.  Human trafficking is such a complex problem it does not lend itself to easy equations.   While most victims face similar challenges, each victim’s rescue and restoration is unique.

Donations provide important resources for these victims:

  • $10 will provide food and a hygiene kit for a victim.
  • $14 will house a victim for a night.
  • $25 will give important educational skills, like reading.
  • $100 will shelter a victim for a night; provide fifteen hygiene/safety/nutrition kits; one year of mentoring for reading; support life skills training, medical and psychological treatment.

For every equation we don’t know, what we do know is that every life matters and every dollar makes a difference.  Whether it takes you 360 minutes to run a marathon, or just 3 minutes to donate, you can make a difference to end modern-day slavery.

No amount is too small (or too big!). All funds raised by Love Runs are tax-deductible and go directly to local partners in Metro Detroit.

Our Donation Page


Please join us in this fight against human trafficking.

More importantly, please pray…. for the victims, for our law enforcement, for our Love Runs team, and for our community.


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