You Can do Yoga: with injuries and chronic pain

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Hello! This is post 4 of a series called “You Can do Yoga” if you missed the last posts, check them out here:

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I have old injuries that never healed, new aches and pains and chronic pain. I started yoga very modified and not able to complete the sun salutations, but I kept coming back daily and doing what I could and as a result built strength, endurance and flexibility. The only way to get better or experience some relief is to:

  1. Try
  2. Keep going when it’s painful/difficult and you want to give up

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I sometimes start yoga with inflamed joints or tightness, and when I’m done practicing the pain is less intense or gone. This is not always the case but sometimes is better than never. While my body is not the same as yours, you’ll never know what yoga can do for your body unless you start, and keep going.

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Lets breakdown the thought:

I have too much pain or too many injures to do yoga


This may seem like the ultimate excuse, but it is the exact reason for you to do yoga, otherwise just remain in pain.

Don’t let your pain or any other circumstance determine your life


I choose not to _______________ because _______________.


I choose to _______________ because ________________.


Don’t say:

  • I can’t do yoga because my back hurts.
  • I can’t lose weight because my family.
  • I can’t attend church because I’m tired on the weekend.
  • I can’t get out of debt because I need _______.

The truth is:

You are responsible for your actions and you choose what you want to do, not anyone or anything else (including circumstances).

  • You can choose to do yoga even though your back hurts because you want to increase your health.
  • You can choose to lose weight regardless of what your family is doing or thinking.
  • You can attend church despite your tiredness.
  • You can choose to sacrifice and get out of debt.

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You might be thinking, you just don’t know my pain, you don’t know what illness, accident or injury I had. No, I don’t, but unless you are paralyzed, you can do yoga, you’re choosing not to.

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If you’re thinking:

“I can’t do yoga because I have too much pain in my __________.”

Know that this is a lie from satan and he is trying to keep you from the good things God has planned for you, which MIGHT include healing.


As long as you keep telling yourself,

“I can’t do ______ because my __________ hurts/is injured etc.”, 

then satan is pleased because you’re believing a lie that keeps you from spending time with God.

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The truth is you’re choosing not to do something. Your circumstances have no power to make you happy, sad or anything in between. You choose to react to your circumstances in a way that you choose.


This is why some people recover from injuries and accidents, while people who had the same circumstances happen to them, don’t recover.

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Put God first in your life and trust that he can give you the strength and energy to do what you need to. He will never let you down if you are seeking him.


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