Laundry Guide Printables

I have a newer washing machine, but it doesn’t always have the preset settings I want. I’m often changing the presets to what I need for each load as needed. It seems like we keep getting more categories of clothes that have different needs {for my family anyway}. I know if I am struggling, there has to be someone else out there that also is, so I made a cute printable to place by the washer! I also made smaller tags that can be attached to each laundry bin for more organization, reminding or if you get lucky and someone else does the laundry.

These are super simple, but cute and colorful.

I have four dogs, so of course dog bedding is included in mine but it also can be used to dirty kitchen rags or cleaning rags etc. or changed to suit your needs.


Hope you enjoy!


laundry guide sample.png

Download the free laundry guide here:  Laundry Guide

Here are the tags:

Dog Blankets and Rags.png

Sheets and Bedding.png

Delicate and Work Clothes.png




XO Chelsea White background.png

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