Simple Cleaning Schedule

I’ve made a simple cleaning schedule that is a FREE printable. The link is below the graphic to download and print.

I’ve downloaded some detailed lengthy schedules before and I always fall off the wagon, there is too much scheduled for one day, and honestly I don’t want to spend my whole day cleaning! I love a clean house, but also need balance.

In this schedule I did not include daily items that get repeated, because they either pile up to remind me or I just simply know I have to do them daily {dishes, cleaning the sink, laundry, making the bed, cleaning the counter etc.}. So rather than put them on a to-do list that is completely overwhelming, stuff that is needed daily or as needed like the cats-box has been excluded. No need to be overwhelmed when I already don’t feel like cleaning anyways!

I have dogs as most Americans do, so my schedule includes cleaning up after them.

I hope this helps someone or gives you ideas!

Happy Cleaning 🙂


cleaning schedule sample.png

Download the cleaning routine by clicking the link below.

Simple Cleaning Schedule

*I omitted lizard tank and chicken coop cleaning, since most people don’t have a zoo for a home 🙂


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