7 Ways to Make Fall Last


I love fall, the colors the leaves, the food, family and the cooler temps; but it always seems, to me anyway, that fall is here and gone in the blink of an eye. Maybe it’s because Christmas speeds it up but every year seems to go faster and faster. I remember last year like it wasn’t that long ago, holding my 8 week old puppy in my arms! Now he can’t even fit on my lap. This fall I am really slowing down and enjoying it to make it last. Here are 7 things I’ve learned about how to live in the moment and enjoy this season.

20161031_184729 1. If there is good weather, get outside! Life is so unpredictable and changing. take advantage of a nice evening and do something special. Tomorrow could bring disaster, illness or death. Stop telling yourself tomorrow or next weekend we will do that activity. Do it now as you never know whats coming up next.


2. Life can get very busy, laundry, dinner, work, errands, bills and its easy to just GO, GO, GO to get the to-do list done. While I’m not saying to put these important obligations off, I do recommend that you take a break every once in a while and “smell the roses” or watch a sunset in crisp fall air. If you’re always on the go, you will never see these beautiful landscapes that only last a minute or two.


3. Spend time with your family. This may be an obvious one, but it’s not so easy when you come home tired from work or running around all day. Make getting outside with your family a priority to enjoy the weather. Kids grow up, relationships change and you make not always have the time to spend with them AND before you know it, the snow will be here! So get outside!



4. Take time to just admire nature. Go to a park and sit on a bench and watch the leaves fall, spend time outside watching the birds or relaxing in your backyard. If you’re really busy, just take time to watch out your window. My dog LOVES to sit on this tiny hill in our yard and look out down the hill, he makes me giggle when ever he does it, so I make a point to look for him out on his hill. Maybe you can watch your kids or you can just watch your guinea hens eat from the bird feeder.


5. When life doesn’t go your way and things get messy, still be grateful. Circumstances could always be worse. Instead of getting angry at my dog for becoming a filthy mud puddle, I was grateful because he is not always going to be young and healthy to run around the yard. One day he’s not going to come and give me puppy love anymore, even if he is all muddy. So, I’ll enjoy his disgusting fur and relax while I give him a bath the second time this week and laugh at him when hes being goofy.


6. Be grateful for your weather conditions. In different areas of the world there are natural disasters going on, mudslide, hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and blizzards. While you have good weather, give thanks and pray for those that are in the thick of bad weather. I am very grateful that I live in Michigan and aside from severe swings in temperature and sometimes a lot of snowfall, overall our weather does not have me making an underground bunker or worrying about a tornado, mudslide or wildfire. I am very grateful for that, and enjoy the weather when it is good, and rejoice in bad weather that it’s not any worse.


7.Relax! Worrying about your plans, relatives, finances or vacation time is pointless. Don’t worry about the upcoming Thanksgiving get together or Christmas shopping! Worrying gets you no where! enjoy your family and thank God you’re alive and healthy. Throw a dog toy or two 😛

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” {Matthew 6:27}

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