Newsboys Concert

This year, Brendon and I have had the privilege to attend two Newsboys concerts! I had never heard of them until the beginning of the year but they are a christian band, who I have really come to love. I really enjoy their heartfelt lyrics. If they are ever in your area, I strongly encourage you to go see them! I absolutely loved their new CD called Love Riot

Ohio Concert, Newsboys singing Jesus Freak with their spinning drum set. Very cool!


Michigan Concert

Newsboys singing Committed, one of my favorites.


This is the anthem I’ll be singing, till the Kingdom comes
I am committed, I’m not ashamed
I pledge my allegiance to Jesus, My King
I am committed, got nothing to hide
I’m not giving up, not selling out, I’m in this for life
I am committed, to Christ


Michigan concert

Take away the blindness
Lead me through the dark
Don’t let me fall apart
Save me from my bitterness
Show me who I am
Make me who You want me to be
I know I pushed You away
Lookin’ for someone to blame, yeah
Now I can see, I’ve been my own worst enemy


The Afters. I really wish I would have bought their CD, totally kicking myself.

My two favorite songs are:

Fighting my battles

You surround me on every side
Your love is my armor, I fear no evil
Darkness runs from Your light
So I won’t be afraid

Live on forever

Breathing air we have never breathed
We’ll see colors we’ve never seen
Every sound like a symphony
Rising up as the angels sing
The arms of grace are open wide
The face of love before our eyes
Where every tear will disappear
Heaven is real



Ryan Stevenson


Q & A with the band. I loved this because you really got to see thru their conversations that they are the real deal and that being a christian is all about how you live and to be an example of Jesus, and then IF needed open your mouth.


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