Mackinaw City Fall Colors Anniversary Trip


One year ago {Oct. 29th 2015} God blessed my hubby and I and we joined each other in marriage. I can’t believe how time flies and it has already been a year. Our lives have changed so much since that time. Since I have just recently quit my job we are a little low on cash, but still wanted to celebrate our anniversary. After a lot of prayer I came up with the idea to go to Mackinaw City for the weekend for about 200 bucks. We have been to the city before and camped there so I knew we would enjoy it. I also thought it would be really cool to see the fall colors.


I totally surprised Brendon and he had absolutely no idea. We drove up had lunch, visited the haunted fort {for Halloween}, watched fireworks, camped in Cheboygan state park, looked at all the beautiful leaves and had dinner. It was really fun and just reminded me { in every way} that God is everywhere and blesses us {humans} with so much.



I love to watch nature and look around at all the beautiful things happening outside and see that God is alive in those things and he created them so intricately. He created the leaves and all the beautiful colors; the spring time when they start budding, summer when they are peak green, fall when the leaves start to die, and winter when the leaves are long gone.

It’s amazing to see everything he has made in such a detailed fashion and to think about us {humans} and how detailed we are. All of our organs and bodily systems are made exactly how they should be to fit with the rest of our body; every cell, every pump of the heart muscle, every blood cell, every muscle contraction was all thought out and made by God.

We are often so wonder-struck with nature and its beauty and how it works naturally without our assistance, but fail to see the detail and thought in our human selves, we often complain about our bodies and see ourselves as useless, failures, ugly, and not how we would like. But God has made each and every one of us exactly how we should be, with extreme detail and thought.  He takes care of our bodies and protects us.

We see this in nature every season. We do not doubt what will happen every season when the leaves start to grow and then later die. We do not worry about when will the leaves form, how big will they be, what color, when they will change color, when they will fall, when they will die, and what will happen to them when they die. We trust that every season the same cycle will happen and we relax because even though we don’t know when the leaves will change color, we trust that they will.

That is God at work in nature making all of these things happen and we should feel the same way about ourselves. We don’t need to have anxiety; wondering what weight we should be or will be in the future, when will we get pregnant, when will we get married, when will we get a house, when and how will we get a promotion, how to be debt free, how to style our house, when will we be perfect, what will we look like when we get older, what color our hair should be, when will we die, what will happen to us. We should trust God to take care of all of these things, believe in him and that he will provide and protect us, and none of these everyday anxieties will matter.

These things will come and go as God plans them, but we don’t need to know every detail of our life and how it will go, that is not trusting God. The more we trust God the more peace we will feel.

I don’t know about you but I would love more peace in my life and to stop worrying about every little thing and trying to plan when I will do everything. Instead I choose the path of trusting God with whatever he throws my way WHENEVER he throws it my way, and believing that he will help me, strengthen me, guide me, protect me and that all things will turn out for good. I pray that you will trust him too!

Now check out our photos of the beautiful landscape and trust God!

Proverbs 3:5-6

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
    do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do,
    and he will show you which path to take.


Just arriving {super windy!}


Under the bridge.


Under the bridge.


Setting up our tent at Cheboygan State Park.


Sunset over the lake.


Waiting in line to go into the haunted Mackinaw Fort.


Looking out next to the haunted fort


Inside one of the buildings at the fort.


Before sunset inside the fort.


Fireworks to end the wonderful day!


The bridge at night.


Waking up the next day


The drive home


We also stopped in Frankenmuth and had dinner at Uno Chicago Grill.

We got a little rain over night so when we returned home I laid out our tent and tarp to dry them out, the dogs thought they were great dog beds.



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