Failed Cookies and Soup


What is more exciting than baking and eating cookies from scratch? Almost nothing! I was super excited to find a coconut raisin cookie that was paleo and make up a batch to enjoy. I was even more thrilled when I realized I had all the ingredients.


I love when I don’t have to buy anything extra for a recipe 🙂


I even had a little helper making sure I didn’t drop anything.


Here the cookies are cooling off, they look okay right?


And I even got to put them in my new cake container!


Well at least I got to use my container is all I can say because these cookies were GROSS! They were super dry and not very sweet at all. They really didn’t even taste like a cookie at all. I was super heart-broken because I was excited to find a cookie recipe that was healthy. Being rather new to cooking and baking, I was also extremely sad that I had wasted all this time baking, cleaning the dishes and wasting ingredients, all for nothing!

Well whatever I thought, so I proceeded to make dinner, crock pot french onion soup.


This one I had to buy ingredients for 😛


Here it is all ready to simmer, looks good right?

Well, all I really got out of it was a pretty picture. My husband enjoyed it, but me on the other hand, only finished one tiny bowl out of all of this. Literally two failed meals back to back! What a dinner fail, and because I had to start dinner so early, it felt like an entire day of failure.


It wasn’t a total waste; even though I wanted to think it was all for nothing, God reminded me that my thinking is exactly what the devil wanted, to see every problem as a failure. The devil wants us to see every problem as just that a problem and a place that will make us fail, God wants us to see these as opportunities and chances to try or try again.

I could have easily said to myself the next day, well my meals failed yesterday, they most likely aren’t going to be any good today either, why bother wasting the time, and just ordered out pizza. Of course this is not the truth even though we may think so. Just because we fail once, doesn’t mean we have to keep failing over and over again or that we give up trying either. Instead of giving up, I tried making some other different types of meals, and they turned out great, and now I am enjoying cooking, but if I would have listened to the devil and given up, I would still be eating fast food and be in debilitating pain everyday.

Just because you get knocked over once, doesn’t mean something is impossible. If you keep standing back up and grabbing onto Gods hand, he will do for you what you cannot do, if you will keep doing your part. Whether it’s trying to cook again, working out, going up for a promotion, learning a new language, having a baby or forgiving your in-law, keep trying and doing, don’t give up because that is true failure.

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