Managing Time for Your Goals

What is our most valuable asset? What comes to mind when you read this? Your job? Money? Your home? Education? Well, the answer is, your TIME. Time is always passing by, and you will never get it back. If the seasons are coming and going faster than you can blink your eye, it’s because you are not managing your time, but your time is managing you.

No matter what you do, time is going to keep moving. The next two years are going to come and go whether you’re ready or not, because of this, investing your time is the best way to spend it. Just like money, getting a return on your time will serve you in the future. What does this mean? Spending your time doing things that wont bring you immediate benefits but long-term benefits is the best way to do things. Exercising might not be enjoyable at the time, but it will give you long term health benefits. Spending time with your kids and husband rather than going shopping is a better invest of time. Spending time in the word of God over watching reality T.V; I could go on and on but I think you get the point, doing things now that we may not want to do or feel like doing, is better for us in the long run.

So, what should you be doing right now? Start by setting some goals you want to achieve like walking 45 minutes with your dog, saving for a new home, running a marathon, having better communication in your marriage or knowing God better, set a goal or two that you really want to focus on as priority. Once you have your major priorities you want to work on, use your free time to do things to strive toward these goals, even if you don’t feel like it at the time. Break the goal into smaller pieces that you can work on it when you have 5 or 10 extra minutes, or a day off from work. If you don’t rise above your feelings of tiredness, you will never put in the work of completing your goal, which means another 3 years will pass, with you not completing that marathon you wanted to, or not losing those extra 20 lbs.

The choices you make, show your character and speak louder than your words or thoughts. Decide that you are going to do what it takes to achieve your goal, and put the work in every single day, choosing the best investment of your time, over what you feel like doing. Time is going to pass, whether or not you make the right decisions, so better your future self by being discipline and wise.

We don’t always make the right choices and unfortunately time does catch up with us, and we are not at the goals we wished we would be.



I have gotten a little stronger in yoga since 2014, but I thought by now I would be holding decent hand stands for more than a few seconds!

But let me be honest,  I haven’t worked on handstands everyday, I haven’t did yoga every day or every week, I chose to do other things. I haven’t worked out every-time I felt like taking a  nap instead. I haven’t made the right food choices to help strengthen my body, and I haven’t made these goals a priority, so time has passed and I am at a similar spot. Other goals have thrives in this time period and I have grown tremendously in faith and in my marriage. I’m just trying to tell you, whatever you MAKE a priority, is what is going to change. Even though I wanted to magically be fitter and hold cool handstands in two years, I made my faith and husband a top priority, which I am very happy I did, but it does go to show that, we won’t change without putting in the physical work and using our time wisely.

We’re all human, we all have thousands of choices to make every single day, decide and commit to making the better investment of your time and living beyond what you “feel” like doing.


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