Why is waiting so hard?

We must wait for strength to come, we must wait for fat loss to come, we must wait to be healthier, we must wait to see the inches melt off, we must wait for a word from God, we must wait for our prayers to be answered, we must wait to make progress. All the good stuff, we have to wait for.

Divine intervention does not happen over night, at our command. We must wait for God to direct our lives. He has the ultimate plan, not us, so why not wait for someone who knows what they are doing. Even if it is difficult, I would rather feel the pain of waiting rather than the pain of constant guilt of doing something I shouldn’t have.

While we wait, we grow mentally, spiritually and physically, even if we cannot see it with our naked eye. We learn how much we are really committed, and what we are really placing first in our lives and making a priority. Waiting is necessary in everything and teaches us discipline.

Pounds wont drop over night, muscle won’t sprout while we sleep, but we can keep doing what we know we should, be patient, trust God and wait on him to create our transformation. We are responsible for the work and effort but he is in control of the results.

So the next time you find yourself frustrated with having to wait, rejoice to God, as he is already transforming you.

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