Being Content Where You Are

In a world that always says more, more, more, it’s hard to be content with ourselves, where we are, what we have, how we look and who we are. Something or someone is always better than us or what we have, causing us to compare ourselves and want more or to be better. This is not always a bad thing because it can motivate us to strive to improve and foster personal development, but too much comparison can sap our energy, drain our happiness and leave us feeling empty.

In a world that says you need a newly renovated kitchen, a sculpted physique or another supplement to “shred you”, how do we be content with what we have, who we are and where we are?

by turning ALL of our life over to Jesus Christ and putting our faith in him, is how we can move closer to be content with our life.

In the past, personally I have turned areas of my life over to God, for example: my workouts, or my job or certain relationships. But I’ve never seen the progress I wanted. After many failures at striving for more and comparing my self, I finally gave up, completely! I surrendered my control and striving for more, in ALL areas of my life (health, fitness, food, relationships, work, school, my home, finances, my thinking, etc.). After putting my faith and hope into Jesus to work in all areas of my life, I finally got a glimpse at being content with who I am, where I am and what I have.

  • I AM enough in Jesus, as he has perfectly formed me in my mothers womb, for specific purposes here on earth. If God is incapable of making mistake, why would I ever think that something could be wrong with ME, who he crafted with his own hands.
  • I HAVE enough when I have Jesus. I could lose everything tomorrow, including my health, but as long as I have faith in Jesus, I truly have everything I need. If he can create this entire earth, and universe, how dare I to think he won’t take care of me!
  • I also am  in a  good place WHERE I AM right now in this moment. Even if its not where I want to be, its exactly where God has placed me for a specific reason even if I cannot see it. It may not be for my benefit, it could be for some one else or it could be to teach me something or to help me grow, but whatever the reason, I am where I am because God want’s me to be there and I will be content in it.


Praying about being content with where and how God formed you is something that you can easily incorporate into your daily conversation with God. We will never be 100% content being here on earth until we are reunited with Christ, but until then, we can keep striving to be more like Christ and be content.

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