Health Tips for Family Gatherings

Everyone struggles with their diet and exercise routine around the holidays and family get togethers in the summer. With so many activities to do, and family gatherings it’s almost impossible not to slip up, even for the fitness enthusiast. Over the years, I have read many different advice articles and tips to deal with the holiday food. Some tips have worked for me, while others have not been so beneficial and have actually made the situation worse. Instead, this year I have decided to compile a list of my own that has worked for me.

  1. Don’t starve yourself before family gatherings in order to conserve calories for later. You will probably eating more calories later, that you would have if you ate throughout the day.
  1. Eat protein rich, fiber packed whole foods before attending family events. Doing this will ensure you get your days’ worth of fiber and nutrients. It will also prevent you from eating carbohydrates all day long and storing the excess as fat.
  1. Eat that dessert you’re dying to have. How many times a year can you enjoy Christmas cookies anyways?
  1. Limit the soda. Just because it is available, doesn’t mean you need it. Drinking soda will add unnecessary calories and sugars that you could have eaten at dinner or dessert.
  1. Exercise in the morning, getting up earlier if you have to. Trust me you are not going to exercise later in the day, something will most certainly come up that makes you busy.
  1. Try to stay active at gatherings. Stand instead of sit. Walk instead of stand. Move around instead of watching the television. Help out in the kitchen. Take a short walk outside for some air. Do some stretches when you’re alone in the restroom.
  1. Get right back into exercising if you miss a day. If you miss a few days in a row, you will really fall off the wagon and it will be harder for you to get back into the groove.
  1. Don’t buy extra holiday food than needed, it will end up in your pantry and fridge, giving you extra opportunities to slip up on your calories. Instead, order something like an edible arrangement with fruit, elegant but healthy.
  1. Remember that you’re not “dieting”, healthy living is your lifestyle.

Do you have any tricks that help you? What have you tried that has not worked? Comment below

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