Showing More Gratitude Toward your Spouse

Ways to show gratitude toward your husband

I love my husband, he is great {Duh}. He does so much for me, and he loves me selflessly. Sometimes I feel like I’m being the selfish one in our relationship so I am brain storming some ideas, to show that I am grateful.
If you want to show your husband how much he means to you and that you’re thinking about him throughout your day, here are some good ideas.

  • Thank him– whether he scratched your back, made you dinner, took in the garbage cans or if he works his 9-5 job every day without complaint, don’t take him for granted. Thank him for all of his hard work. Thanking him will show him that you notice what he does for you and the family and that you are grateful.
  • Ask him about his day, and listen sometimes we get so caught up in talking about our day, we forget to ask how his was. Make a point to ask him about things that are going on and then really listen to him. Try not to cut him off, or question him. If you really listen to him, he will learn to trust you. More on Listening to your spouse better click here.
  • Leave a little treat for him somewhere-Maybe it’s a little candy bar or soda, but leave it somewhere he will find it. It will remind him that you are thinking about him during your day.
  • Leave him a note– Write a letter on a sticky note about how you were thinking about him, love him or just simply thank him.
  • Do something he wants to do– Put his wants first and do something he’s been wanting to do. Maybe going to a restaurant, seeing a new movie or something simple. Let him choose.
  • Stop complaining! – This one might seem obvious, but if you are always complaining about something, he will feel that you are ungrateful. Instead, praise! Focus on the positive around. More ways to stop complaining here.
  • Help him with something, without him asking. Maybe its cooking dinner, mowing the lawn, putting gas in the car, or cleaning. Offer to help him without him asking.

Be consistent with acts of gratitude. Only showing your hubby you’re grateful for him once a month, probably won’t get noticed. Try do something for him a couple of times a week.



How do you show your husband you’re grateful for him? How often do you go out of your way for him? Comment below.


One comment

  1. I have learned to STOP nagging. Not that I did it much, but enough to for me to think I was turning into THAT woman. Let it go, do things for yourself. If you want him to help pair the socks because it isn’t just for you to do, do it for yourself. Pair those socks.


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