Some of My Favorite Books

Some of my favorite books

Here are a few of my favorite books I recommend. These are a few I can think of right now, I’ll be adding more books.


Starting strength: Basic Barbell Training 3rd edition by Mark Rippetoe

Goes over the basics of some common lifts, and how to perfect them. Great read for someone   interested in fitness.

Power Eating by Kleiner

Includes basic nutrition and how to eat for your fitness related goals.

Essentials of Exercise physiology by Katch and Katch

Although it is a rather large book, it goes over pretty much every way that exercise affects the   body. Very informational for anyone looking to go into the health and fitness field.


Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

Guides you into positive thinking by thinking about 12 power thoughts that can change your   life.

Unglued by Terkeurst

This book helps you control your emotions and one woman’s story of how she did it.

Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer

This is a great book that helps you get control of you wild emotions and feelings. Joyce shows  you that you don’t have to act on your emotions and feelings.


A Year Without Sugar- Eve O. Schaub

A story of a family and how they all stopped eating sugar for an entire year, and how you can too.

Do you have any good books you would like to share? Comment below!


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