Becoming Less Anxious

The only time worrying is useful is when it causes you to take action. But being overwhelming consumed by worrying can be paralyzing. Here are a few tips to stop worrying and being anxious

  • Be mindful. Let your thoughts come and go without judging them. Don’t ignore your thought or try to block them out. Just observe like an outsider
  • Meditate. This goes with mindfulness. Read more on meditation here.
  • Question your thoughts. Ask yourself: is this worry realistic, likely, or as bad as it seems if the worst outcome happen?
  • Calming visualization. It’s hard to worry when you’re picturing yourself on a beach somewhere or hiking or doing what you love.
  • Talk to someone. This can help you tease out issues that you didn’t initially see.
  • Exercise. Get your heart racing and burn calories and worries.
  • Read. This will get your mind off of your thoughts.
  • Pray. Pray about your worries to free your mind.
  • Believe. Trust that your worries will work themselves out and that there is hope.

How do you cope with anxiousness? Comment below.

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