Health Tips and Tricks

Here I have posted a list of tips and shortcuts for ways for you to become healthier.



Get your workout clothes out and/or put them on early, doing this leaves you no excuse not to workout.  When I’m not feeling like working out, if I put my workout clothes in the morning, all I have to do at some part of the day is head into my workout room and start exercising. For some of my favorite workout clothes, click here.


Make a plan before heading into the gym. This will keep you from wasting your time and wandering around the gym. Write the exercises you want to do in your phone or on a notecard. This will get you in and out faster.


Create a playlist for your workout. Instead of endlessly flipping though songs, create a playlist so you don’t have to mess with your iPod while working out. For some of my favorite workout songs, click here.


Use wrist straps for pulling workouts. (Depending on your goals) Grip strength often hinders how much weight you can pull in a certain exercise, like dead lifts, not the prime mover muscles. Using wrist straps like Verssa grips, can help you lift more weight.



Switch to whole wheat. If you’re eating white bread, noodles and carbohydrates, you are basically eating fortified starch. The vitamins and minerals are bleached out, and then refortified back in with sugar. Adding whole wheat to your diet will give you more iron and fiber. More on whole wheat here.


When you get a craving for something sweet, eat it! If you deprive yourself of your favorite desserts you will most likely binge later on sweet treats, ruining your diet. Moderation is key, have a small amount of something your craving daily, instead of having a 5,000 calorie binge on the weekend. To read about my battle with binge eating sweets, and how I defeated it, click here.


Get frozen veggies. Frozen veggies are easier to keep and are pretty cheap. If you have a freezer full of veggies that take about 5 minutes to heat up, you will most likely eat them rather than having a bunch of veggies in the fridge that you have to cut up and then prepare, they will most likely go bad before you want to eat them.



Random acts of kindness. Do something nice for someone else, whether its holding the door, buying them a gift, giving them a compliment, sending them a card or cleaning off their car, doing something nice for someone else daily, will make you feel better about yourself. To read more about Random Acts of Kindness, click here.


Read. Reading self-help books and informational books can increase your emotional well-being. Reading can give you new ideas and thoughts, that can help you change into a better person. Reading is a great way to learn. Get a library card in your local area and read for free. For some of my favorite books, click here.


Do you have any good tips and ticks you would like to share? Comment below!

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