Staying Active in the Winter

Living in a cold weather state, it can be hard in the winter months to stay active. Its easier to stay in bed and hibernate. Don’t let your fitness plans hibernate! Winter is a good time to be active, it can help fight off the winter blues. Dressing warm is the key to being outdoors in the winter. If you dress properly, the cold is not an issue.


Walk the mall. Mall walking is warm, free and easy. You can also browse while walking, just be sure to leave your money at the house!

Try a winter sport. Skiing, snow shoeing, snowboarding, or ice skating.

Walk the dog. Your pooch still needs to walk in the winter months, bundle them up too and head out for a walk.

Do a workout DVD. You can exercise in your home, and stay out of the cold. You can even rent these DVDs from your local library.

Clean your house. Put some music on and really clean. This will get your body moving, squatting, walking, bending, reaching, and lifting.

Look for a holiday fun run. There are always cool themed runs going on around the holidays. These are normally short, fun and refreshing runs.

Dance! Put on some headphones and dance in your home.

Get a gym membership. Don’t forget to use their sauna, steam room and hot tub if they have one.


Do you have any winter tips to stay active? Comment below.


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