More Productive Mornings


A few months ago, I was not a morning person at all. I would sleep in until the last minute possible and then end up busy towards the end of the night, trying to get everything done I needed to. I felt unproductive and could never find time to work out. My biggest excuse to not exercise is that I don’t have time. My second was that I am tired. I used to come home after work and be way too exhausted to work out, and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch! I was becoming very unproductive after work, and because I was sleeping until the last minute in the morning, I didn’t get anything done in the morning either.

I needed to become more productive somehow. I decided I needed to start working out in the morning, in order to fit it into the day and not be so tired after work. I started getting up earlier slowly, in order to get used to the time change, until I could find a time that worked for me. I made enough time to relax, workout, get a few things done, and then get ready for work. Here is an example of my morning, hopefully it will help you plan your day to become more productive.


6:15 Wake up

6:45 Relax with coffee and dogs

7:00 Eat breakfast

7:15 Let dogs outside

7:30 Clean up apartment

7:45-8:45 Exercise

8:45 Meditate

9:00 Get ready for work


My Favorite part of the morning? Cuddling with my dogs of course! And coffee.


What can you do to be more productive?

  • Slowly wake up earlier every day, suddenly getting up hours earlier will make it harder to continue getting up early.
  • Figure out the tasks that are the hardest for you to get to and plan those earlier. Cleaning, exercising, reading, answering emails, laundry or whatever it is, plan it earlier in your day. Putting it off later and later, ensures that you will come up with some excuse not to do it.
  • Pick one day to sleep in that you can afford. For me, that is Thursday because I don’t work, so I have more time during the day.
  • Get your stuff ready the night before so the morning is easier for you. Get your workout and exercise clothes out. Make your coffee and prepare your lunch. Get your breakfast dishes out. Anything that will make your morning easier, do it! You will be very thankful for that extra couch time to relax.
  • Give yourself some time to relax after getting up to allow your body to wake up. Most likely, if you just jump into all the tasks you have to do, you will stop getting up early in a few days, and you will be tired.
  • Learn by trial and error. It make take a few weeks for you to get your schedule how you want it. Be patient and don’t give up.


Do you have any more tips to be productive? Comment below!

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