7 Tips to Stop you from Eating Fast Food

We have all found our self at the drive through after a tiring day, wanted some hot fast food. Common reasons I have found our family stopping for fast food are: we are too tired to cook are own food, we don’t have anything to eat at home, we are tired of eating the same thing all week or don’t want anything in our fridge. Here are a few tips if you have ever did the same thing:

  1. Make sure you buy enough food at the grocery store. I have noticed, in order for us to save money we try to keep our grocery budget down, but then in turn by the time Wednesday and Thursday come around, we are out of full meals to make. I would rather spend more money at the grocery store and get more value for my buck, then at fast food, where I am paying more.
  2. Keep some items prepared. This will save you time later. Wash and cut up veggies and fruits. Cook meats. Boil eggs. Anything that will save you time, do it!
  3. Try new recipes weekly. I know me and my husband get really bored with our food if we eat the same thing a few days in a row, and then we end up resorting to fast food. I’ve been trying new recipes from websites weekly, in order to keep our menu fresh.
  4. Explore the grocery store. You may be like myself and go down the same aisles and get the same products every time. By doing this, you are missing out seeing new items that may be healthier or easier. Just the other day, I went to a different part of the grocery store, and found some pitas that can be used as pizza crusts that are low in fat, low in carbs, high in protein and fiber. I would have never found them if I wouldn’t have taken a few extra minutes to look around.
  5. Use cookers and appliances in the kitchen. Personally I hate being in the kitchen for any length of time, cooking something. Instead I often use my crock pot, rice cooker, steamer, pressure oven, or pressure cooker, to cook food without standing over it. I like to be able to set it and walk away, especially my crock pot. These items may be expensive to invest in but if you’re feeding a family fast food weekly, the price of an appliance will quickly outweigh the fast food bill.
  6. Have a few emergency items in your fridge and freezer. These items can be things that are quick to prepare like mini veggie pizzas, quesadillas, frozen cooked chicken, and frozen potatoes. If you are really in a pinch or just feel super tired, you can easily prepare these items, and save yourself some calories from not eating a super-size meal at a fast food chain
  7. Reward yourself. Set a goal of not eating fast food for a week or two, maybe even 4. If you hit that goal, reward yourself by going out to a nice restaurant that you really like, or going to the movies or bowling. This will motivate you not to get fast food.

These are a few things that I have found work for us, what about you? Comment below.


  1. Totally! I find it’s helpful to prepare things in bulk: a crock-pot full of steel cut oats for the week, a batch of quinoa to be tossed in salads, a tray of chicken breast, etc. Sunday is always my ‘cooking in preparation for the week’ day. 🙂

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