Improving your yoga practice


Maybe you’re like me and love to see all the cool poses other people can get into and make it look so fun and easy, but then become easily frustrated when you try and realize you cannot wiggle your way into it!
I’ve recently started taking yoga more seriously with more frequent stretching and meditation (more on meditation), but I still feel as though I’m just not making the most of time and progressing the way I want. This article is for those of you that want to boost your yoga practice and become better and more efficient for the time you put in on the mat.


  • Start using those props that are collecting dust. Using a strap, block or blanket can make a pose a lot easier, or even an impossible pose, possible.
  • Don’t forget to breath! Sometimes in inverted poses or more difficult ones, we tend to hold our breath. Take deep breaths throughout your yoga practice, this will release tension in your body and any negativity you were holding onto.
  • Stop trying to stop thinking! It is almost impossible with our brains and everything going on in the world today. Accept any thoughts that come to your mind and acknowledge them. Notice your thoughts come and go but don’t judge your thoughts.
  • Weight training. Yes, it may sound weird for weight training to be included in a yoga article, but weightlifting will make your muscles stronger, which is necessary for yoga. Resistance training will actually make those yoga poses easier to hold.
  • Incorporate yoga into your daily life. Yoga doesn’t always have to be an hour long session. Try doing a few poses upon waking up. When you’re feeling stressed at work, take a few deep yoga breaths. When you’ve been sitting at the computer or in a car for a while, stand up and take a few deep breaths and open the heart. These small acts will increase your well-being.
  • Be consistent. Set a yoga schedule and stick to it. You can only get better at yoga by practicing.


Do you have any other tips or things that help you improve your yoga practice? What is your favorite thing about yoga? Comment below.

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